Zebrawood Flooring: Ideal For Today's Modern Home

Published: 06th September 2010
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Zebrawood flooring is immediately recognizable by its distinctive contrasting pattern of light gold and strikingly dark brown that is comparable to the striped hide of the animal for which it was named. Zebrawood flooring conjures up imaginative images and blends perfectly with modern décor, especially in rooms that utilize a warm color palate or dark, solid colored furniture. When they see your home’s attention demanding look, your guests will be left with an unforgettable impression.

With care, zebrawood flooring is easy to install. It will submit to the saw blade without difficulty, and done properly it will glue satisfactorily. Zebrawood flooring has a naturally high luster, but bringing it out can present a problem in part because of an interlocked grain structure and porous surface. Filling and belt sanding are recommended in order to bring out zebrawood’s full glory. Just be sure to arm yourself with long sleeves and a dust mask in order to avoid unpleasant respiratory effects brought on by the sawdust.

Rated at a Janka hardness of 1575, zebrawood is stronger than many domestic hardwood choices, approximately twenty five percent harder than red oak. Its hardness and density serve as a shield against the ponderous threat of time and wear. When at last the striped surface succumbs to the destructive elements of the home, and numerous scratches mar your beautiful floor, it can be refinished and restored to its pristine exotic allure. The same cannot be said of every modern flooring option. Engineered flooring, when its surface has become too tarnished to endure, must be replaced, its thin top layer too insubstantial to be sanded down. Bamboo flooring, which bears a similar exotic feel and appearance to zebrawood flooring, is too often harvested from immature forests and becomes dented and scratched far too easily. Because of this, solid zebrawood flooring will not only look better longer, but it will cost you less in the long run.

For a truly modern look that will conjure up thoughts of wild Africa, there is no better option than zebrawood flooring. Install it and watch as your new floor activates your modern living space and inspires the imagination of your guests.

Discover the unique look of Zebrawood Flooring.

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