Why Garapa Wood Decking is Stronger than Bamboo & Cedar

Published: 27th September 2010
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With so many different types of wood out there, it can be hard to choose which one is perfect for your deck. When it comes to outdoor decking, one factor rules supreme: strength. A strong deck is a deck that can stand up to the harshest of weather, the hungriest of insects, and the patient degradation of time. Without strength, your deck will eventually collapse, and you can only hope that no one gets hurt when it does.

Letís take a look at a few decking material options, and decide which is the best choice for your backyard retreat.

Garapa is a very dense exotic hardwood from the jungles of Brazil. Its hardness, 1210 on the Janka Hardness Scale, means it is highly resistant to damage from harsh weather or other forms of natural abuse. Naturally occurring oils help garapa decking to fight off decay, insects, and even fire! Garapa wood decking is so durable, that with minimal maintenance it can last for over twenty five years.

Bamboo has often been hailed as an incredibly strong building material, and indeed it does possess the potential to exhibit great strength. But there is a problem. Of the nearly 1600 species of bamboo in the world, only a few are suitable for building, and these species, in efforts to speed up production and make more money, are harvested prematurely, never having the chance to reach their full potential. As a result, bamboo decking tends to be soft and non-durable. In fact, what strength it does have is only achieved through human engineering.

Cedar, native to North America, is an all-natural hardwood like garapa, but it lacks the density, hardness (cedar is only rated at 900 on the Janka scale), and natural oils that make garapa so excellent as a decking material. This results in vulnerability to insects and rot, and an overall short lifespan.

Of all these options, garapa is the clear, natural choice when it comes to strength. And if durability and practicality arenít enough for you, donít worry. Garapa is gorgeous, exhibiting a golden sheen that bamboo and cedar decking can never match. Make the smart choice, and install a garapa deck.

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