What Is American Walnut Flooring?

Published: 29th August 2010
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What is American Walnut Flooring?

American Walnut goes by many names. Virginia Walnut, black walnut, Canaletto, and black hickory nut are all monikers for this domestic hardwood. The American Walnut tree grows throughout the eastern United States and thrives under direct sunlight, especially near streams where it can dig its roots deep into the rich, moist soil.

But what does American Walnut represent as a flooring option?

Visually, it is a delectable mosaic of chocolaty swirls and dark purple streaks dancing in tantalizing, marble-like patterns across a warm living space. A combination of straight and wavy grain patterns provide a sense of dignity mixed with delightful frivolity. To finish it off, the wood can be polished to a luminous shine that will grab your attention every time. Any room fitted with American Walnut Flooring becomes a luxurious retreat where your eyes can feast on the delicious spectacle beneath your feet.

Structurally, it is a sturdy, reliable surface that seems perfectly suited for its position of service. Striking a harmonious balance between strength and workability, American Walnut Flooring will lend itself easily to whatever your creative impulses dictate, and will afterwards hold its own against the daily stresses of life. Its moderate density allows for easy manipulation and effortless installation, and stains and preservatives have no trouble permeating the coffee-toned wood. When worked, it releases a sweet aroma, almost as if encouraging the woodworker to continue. Yet in spite of its seemingly soft qualities, American Walnut retains enough resilience to resist decay and scratching.

You may be wondering how American Walnut compares against other popular flooring choices. For instance, another option that has become quite common is bamboo flooring. While bamboo may possess the potential to be very strong, it is often harvested prematurely, so this supposed benefit is lost. Additionally, formaldehyde is a common ingredient in the bamboo flooring process and poses a health concern.

Engineered flooring is another popular choice, but it too has drawbacks that American Walnut Flooring avoids. A thin veneer means that it is nearly impossible to refinish an engineered floor, greatly reducing its lifespan and consequently increasing the overall cost of the floor.

So what is American Walnut Flooring? It is a blend of visual satisfaction and structural reliability that overcome the competition and make it one of the most highly desired wood flooring options.

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