Wenge Flooring: A Modern Wood for Today's Interior

Published: 01st September 2010
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As a modern homeowner of discriminating design taste, you want a floor that will match your cutting edge aesthetic. Wenge flooring is an exotic hardwood from Africa that is perfectly suited to modern interior designs in every area. Not only will wenge flooring look perfect in a modern home, but it can stand up to the trials of modern life that would leave other flooring options a dented, scratched up mess.

The deep chocolate surface, overrun with impactful veins of black, gives wenge flooring a classy, dark look that perfectly complements a well lit or brightly decorated modern design. The delightful contrast will only intensify as the wood darkens even further over time. The effect is a truly irresistible spectacle.

Wenge flooring makes a perfect modern flooring choice from a practical standpoint as well. Installing wenge flooring is easy. In spite of a moderate hardness rating of 1630, the wood cuts with no trouble. You will experience some difficulty when nailing, for which pre-drilling holes is recommended, and wenge has poor gluing qualities. Wenge flooring resists all manner of damage, from wear and abrasion to shock loads and termite attacks. This resilient durability will ensure that a wenge floor will enjoy a long life even around pets and rambunctious children.

Thanks to its durability, wenge flooring easily beats out bamboo flooring, which can easily dent and scratch, but there is another feature that puts wenge in a class above bamboo. Bamboo flooring is often impregnated with formaldehyde, which can pose potential health concerns. Wenge flooring is free from such worries.

If your wenge floor does eventually require a facelift, then it showcases another benefit over popular modern solutions such as engineered flooring. Engineered floors have only a thin layer of actual, presentable wood, and when this layer becomes damaged, the only option is to replace it. Because wenge flooring is real, solid hardwood, you can simply sand and refinish the surface to have it looking good as new.

Wenge flooring is the perfect choice for your modern home because it exhibits impressive durability in today’s home environment and complements cutting edge design trends.

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