Santos Mahogany Flooring: A True Exotic Beauty

Published: 01st September 2010
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Transform your room into a breathtaking retreat worthy of exotic royalty and treat yourself to the luxurious comfort provided by santos mahogany flooring.

From its elegantly mottled ribbons of light orange, rich scarlet, and deep purple—overlaid with glowing shades of yellow—to its lustrous and eye-catching shine, santos mahogany flooring truly is the epitome of exotic beauty. Any home endowed with this lavish flooring becomes a royal sanctuary where you can bask in its sophisticated sheen. It is no wonder that santos mahogany has become one of the most popular exotic flooring options for homeowners of discriminating tastes.

Beneath the elegant ribbon patterns of this exceptional flooring lies a wood with strength enough to match its high class appearance. An interlocked grain and a hardness rating of 2200 equip santos mahogany flooring to repel the ravaging effects of pet claws, the unpredictable antics of unruly children, and the slow degrading process of time.

This very resilience, however, can be a nuisance at first. The same traits that so effectively protect santos mahogany flooring from damage will prove a hindrance to attempts at working with the wood. Carbide tipped saws are essential, and pre-drilling is required if you ever hope to nail or screw the boards into place. But keep your tools sharp and your sandpaper fresh, and santos mahogany will reward your efforts with a highly refined polish.

Compared with santos mahogany flooring, other flooring options simply fail to compete. Carpets almost actively resist attempts at cleaning, and can trap dirt and allergens. Engineered flooring suffers from a thin layer of actual hardwood, which after becoming scratched, as happens to all wood floors eventually, must be replaced. Bamboo flooring falls short in durability, having usually been harvested prematurely, and so is easily dented and scratched. A solid santos mahogany floor is easily kept clean with a hardwood mop or vacuum. This dense exotic hardwood will resist scratches and dents with an admirable fervor, and when over time it finally succumbs to damage, it can be refinished and made good as new.

When it comes to regal beauty, nothing demands your attention quite like santos mahogany flooring. From its artistically commanding aesthetic to its indomitable durability, santos mahogany flooring is the superior hardwood flooring choice.

View Santos Mahogany flooring pictures to see why this exotic wood is an outstanding choice for your home.

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